Semporna, what a lovely place!

Both for relaxation and photography. Situated in the Tawau Division, in the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo, the majority of the population are Bajau, many of whom live in sprawling stilt villages over the water on the outskirts of town.

I have always wanted to go to this place after having seen so many wonderful images from fellow photographers. My dream finally came true when my good friend Manuel Librodo asked me if I cared to join him. Join him? He must be joking! Going to this place is my dream and having a photosafari with a photography icon is something to crave for. And so we went to this paradise from July 12th-16th.

We were blessed with good weather and great company together with Kharunisia Jazmin, Father Winsimsan Santos (I was told he prayed for good weather daily!), Paul Sarawak, Lau Yew Hung and Mr Tan. And some great shots too!

I simply fell in love with this place. Manuel Librodo and I now have plans to go back there next year with a specially planned program - photosafari and modelshoot-style. Contact me if you are keen to join us. I will reserve a slot for you.

Over the next week or two I will share some shots of this place with you. Just come back to view them. 😉

Here is one taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 + Samyang 8mm fisheye. Yes, I brought along my X-Pro1 and the Nikon D800E to this trip. The shots from the Nikon are crazy good!

Remember to click on the image to view a larger version of it.



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