My photosafari plans for 2013

I actually do not have any fixed plans yet but what I am certain is that I will be going back to Semporna, Sabah.



I foresee a lot of traveling this year, mainly private photography trips, which will include Myanmar, Bali, China besides Semporna. I mentioned 'mainly private trips' because I tend to get better shots during such trips. Some of you have indicated interest in joining me. For you, I will surely come out with some interesting program after the Chinese New Year. If any of you are interested to join in the fun, please do not hesitate to contact me here. I will then keep you in the loop.

Now to start planning my own private trips and start off another great year of photography!


1 comment to My photosafari plans for 2013

  • Inauen Roman

    Dear Banhup The,

    I`m very interested to joining you for a foto-trip. Is there an oportunity this year? This would be great! I love your style of photographie and I wish to do a workshop with you. I looking forward to hear from you!

    Best regards,

    Roman from Switzerland

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