I am back

I know I have been 'away' from this site for more than a month now - I just could not find the inspiration to write. This was compounded by the fact that I did not shoot much. To get back my inspiration I went back to some of my old files and found, to by astonishment, I still have so many keepers that are worth sharing that I have not processed. Below are a few from the recent discovery.

Oh no, not again!

Not me

Making faces




More on my travels for the year. I have confirmed a private trip to Bhutan, a place that I have always wanted to visit, and photograph. This turned out to be the most expensive trip that I have ever embarked on but I know I will not regret it. This trip will be from May 18th till the 24th. I am already excited just talking about this. Let's see what I'll come back with.

I mentioned previously that I would like to visit Semporna this year again. Unfortunately I have to shelve this plan given the latest political development in the region lately. If everything goes as planned, I will have a photosafari to Bali in early July, Siem Reap in late September and Bagan in November. Stay tuned for future announcements. Contact me here if you are keen to join me in any of these photosafaris.


2 comments to I am back

  • Andrew Schiff

    Hello!  I accidentally stumbled upon your website.  Your pictures are very nice.  I like to take photographs too.  I live in Sweden and I always wanted to visit the Far East.  One of these days when I find the money I will join you on your trip.

    All the very best!
    Andrew Schiff

  • Thanks Andrew! Photography opportunities in the Far East is aplenty and it will be my pleasure if you can join me one day.



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