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Hey, Mr Banhup! My name is Max. Two years ago I bought your ebook on Portraiture Post-processing and now I am writing this message just to say ‘thank you’. It was a very good starting step for me. Since that time I, of course, improved on my post-processing skills and added different tricks to the workflow. However I still use the same basic steps I’ve learned from you. Here you can see my results of your PP steps, mixing with some other tricks. So, again, thank you very much for your ebook —…Max Drupa

A few more days to my Siem Reap photosafari

That will be from October 12th-16th. I will be there a day earlier in preparation for the participants to have a fun and fruitful time. All the participants have gone through a 2-day intensive course on my post-processing workflow. Now they will have a first-hand experience on how I go about getting my type of images during the day and we will be talking photography at night over a beer…or two.

In conjunction with this upcoming safari, I'll be posting a shot from SIem Reap daily till the start of the event. This shot will start the ball rolling.

Caught in the net

_DSF0226 copy copyTaken with Fuji X-Pro1 with Zeiss Touit 32mm/1.8




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