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First of all welcome to my site. It is a pleasure to have you here. I hope that I can share this photography hobby especially in the field of portraiture in available light with you the way I like it. If you like my photogrphy, my portraits and some of my educational topics here, it would be very nice if you could leave a message here at my guestbook (just add under Comments below). I would appreciate that very much.

Thanks and have great fun with photography.


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Here are some that I have received so far and new ones will be added as they come in:

Had a look at your photos, they are very good and from a high quality. Keep going with posting I like them a compliments. Jos M

I spent a little time to go from your Flickr post to your website. Your portraits gave me a lot of emotions and I wanted to know more about you. I think you should forget about photography technics. You are in fact a real master in the portrait art. It could be painting, sculpture or anything else you could think of. Your core talent is knowing when to stop the flow of time , when it gives the very depth of soul. It's a very rare talent, don't spoil it. Friendly yours Alain

You are so good on portraits !!
And even better are compositions and showing the difference expressions of the models.
Those models as Krystal is a different issue, not only beautiful even better the way you show them...... just great !!!.
Thanks for sharing and please keep uploading...
i will wait, Robyco.

Great images Banhup.
Keep up the high quality work!
Dan Chusid

Banhup Teh,
I enjoyed so much watching your galleries.You are a pro photographer and you definitely know how to make them even better using computer editing (i guess...)
your models pics are terrific!
im honored to sign your guestbook, my friend!
Ohad R

I do love your work,excellent quality images and compositions!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done and wish you best light!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Petr Petr


I like the pictures very much, very nice light and compositions!
Keep up the good work.
Thnx, Martijn

What you are doing is simply perfection - I'm speechless....Wolfram Sieber

Your photography is truely stunning. You have mastered this craft to an exceptional level. There are not enough words to give you the praise and credit you deserve. Exceptional work!!
Scotty Battistoni

Very nice picture really. Love the portraits, their sharpness and composition. Keep going. Nicola

Great images that are authentic and inspiring. I’m glad our paths have crossed. Mitchell Wong Ho

Your photos are breathtaking and amazing! Shinta D

I had purchased both of your ebooks (beginner and advanced).. it has helped me a lot and saving my time getting the right tweak to obtain best portraiture and photos… although i am in the midst of learning, your e book helped me to improvise my photo editing skill. Thank you and i am keen to look forward to another of your great ebooks. -dian Nais-

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22 comments to My Guestbook

  • Lok

    Mr Teh
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience on lights and colors. Your time spent at Ti-Ratana welfare home, encouraging others to participate and help underprivilaged groups, surely will bring more awareness and deeper meanings in addition to exposure and compositions.  Wish you well and happy always.

  • i love all your photo shoot and editing.
    i have bought the Ebook but no time to learn it…

  • Jagdeep

    Just stumbled on your excellent website. A superb collection of photos & tutorials I must say. Nice layout & presentation. The photos are excellent in every respect. A job well done! Happy CNY bro.

  • Putu Arnawa

    Very nice potrait photos. I noticed many face of Bali people there. Great. I know some of those people personally. I love to take pictures of them as well but can'not take as good as you.  

  • Dr. Teh,
    Happened on your website from Pbase forum as I was looking through D3 images to get inspired.  I am a documentary photojournalist who, up until recently, spent a decade working for an American newspaper in the Florida panhandle.  Before that I, like you, worked a fulltime "day job" to pay the bills and raise my children while shooting part time and offering my images to various magazines and other commercial ventures.
    Since I have left the newspaper business (had to, they were getting ready to let me go), I have still continued to ply my trade but mainly as a documentary photographer.  To me that meant not getting too carried away with Photoshop.  But after looking at your site and seeing your images, I realized I have a multitude of images that I would like to try your techniques on.  I will be getting your ebooks and look forward to letting the creative juices flow.
    Again, great site and wonderful images.  Your documentary portraits are exquisite.

  • Great portraiture. I really admire your work which is very similar to my idol Manny Librodo. Hope to see more and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Thx for the wonderful ebook. Thx for sharing. It is an very simple and easy to learn material and by the way, very handy by put in on my IPAD and i almost finish the beginner book. I am proud of you by putting a lot of effort to produce this locally made book at a affordable price. I hope to see more other topic from you again. 

  • Diana Teh

    Great Work Teh! All the best & keep it up always. Am a fan of yours ready =))

  • Uden

    HI Bro,
    Just purchase ur eBook from Hope from the guidance of this book will make my photo got 'ummmph' 🙂

  • hi, Ban Hup, nice to meet you in cyberspace. I am one year your junior in UM. You have become an expert in photography. It is a pleasant experience to your photographs and your beautiful models. 
    Happy Chinese New Year.
    Dr Goh Chong Ting 
    Class 79/84

  • Sing Toh

    I am looking forward to workshop in Mid Valley on 3rd.April 2011.

  • William Liew

    Hi Teh,
    Love your work, like a story from an artist, bringing out all the emotions of each character to bring one to feel what you must have felt during the shot was taken and that is very engaging with that moment in time. I will get your eBooks soon to learn from  ‘The Master Class’ .

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