Bali, a never-ending story

I have lost count of the number of times I have been to Bali. For the past few years, I have been there at least once a year – sometimes even twice in a year! Despite that I never seem to get enough of this magical island. When one has nice food, really friendly people […]


Will I do pre-wedding photography?

Someone once asked me this very question and I gave a very non-committal answer. I now know deep down inside me I will take up that challenge one day. Yes, one fine day….

During the Bali photo-safari recently, I met multi-award wedding photographer Keda Z. Feng at one of my frequent haunts in Bali. With […]


Which is better?

Assuming this is any good at all, which do you think is better, the one in color or the one in black & white? Personally I can't decide.

This was taken at a local market in Kayu Amba, Bali. It was early morning with the light coming from an alley to her right. Still quite […]


Pak Gulem at work

Pak Gulem is a friend of Pak Sara's. They are both from the village of Bedulu, Bali. You have seen a shot of Pak Sara. Here is a shot of Pak Gulem at work taken with the Nikon 24mm/1.4 @ f/1.4 1/640s ISO 200.




Here is another shot I took of the dancers at the Klungkung waterfall. We have seen many subjects taken at this waterfall including pre-wedding shots (in fact I have one of these too – more of that later) but there are very few of Balinese dancers let along of them being splashed with water.


The fighting shadows

We had the opportunity to witness (and of course, to photograph too) a cock-fighting demonstration at Bedulu village, Bali. Even though it was a tame version of the banned cock-fighting of Bali, it was still an unforgettable experience to those who were witnessing it for the first time. The cockerels were not harmed during this […]


Pak Sara of Bedulu village, Bali

I met Pak Sara during one of my previous Bali photo-safaris. I made an appointment to meet him (and Pak Gulem – more of him later) again at his village because he is really friendly and has no problems posing for us. We were rewarded with some keepers from them. This is one of him […]


I am back!

What a Bali photo-safari! It was great fun as expected. It was action from the word go. From what I saw from the sample shots taken by the participants I know I will be seeing some great shots from them soon. Personally I think I have some great shots too. I won't be doing much […]


One of the few shots I have from the Nikon D3X

I don't have many from this incredible camera. Thanks to Nikon Malaysia, I was given a loaned unit to give it a spin during one of my Bali photo-safaris. Definitely a different animal, in a good sense, from the Nikon D3. The details you get from this camera is gorgeous!

Met this girl sitting outside […]