Bali, here I come!

It has been more than a year since my last trip there and it is a nice feeling knowing that I will be back to one of my favourite photography hunting grounds in a couple of days. A group of like-minded, 'crazy' and fun-loving photographers will be following me this time. Looking at the itinerary […]


I am back!

The trip was short and sweet. I did everything I planned out to do i.e spa, taste good Balinese food, purchase some Balinese art pieces and scout for more shooting opportunities for my May Bali photo-safari (slots are being taken up as we speak). Possible itinerary of the safari includes shooting Balinese dancers at waterfall, […]


All about Bali

Somehow this is the time of the year when I feel like going back to this photographer's paradise. As Nike's ad said, 'Just do it!". And I did…just booked myself on a trip back memory lane in February.

I just realised how pathetic my "All about Bali" gallery was. Not anymore…I have just updated it […]


More kids having fun

Don't you enjoy seeing the joy in their faces? That is what our lives should be. This photo was taken at a waterfall in the village of Bedulu, Bali. We chanced upon this group of boys having fun at the fall. I can still hear their laughter by looking at this photo. Always bring a […]



It is always nice to see kids having fun. Our guide prearranged this shoot for us at this water-spill around Klungkung, Bali. When we arrived the kids just appeared from the neighbouring houses. We were supposed to photograph them in better early morning light. Unfortunately some of the participants were hungry after the sunrise shoot […]


Ibu of Ubud market

Those who have been to the Ubud market in Bali would reconize this ibu – she runs a stall selling souvenirs at one of the sidelanes there. I make it a point to visit her each time I am there. I usually just chat with her but during the last visit in Jan 2010 I […]


Having fun

As part of the village tour we came to this waterfall where we met this group of children having fun. I climbed down to the riverbank, and while standing precariously (for my gears) on some rocks and shooting through some overhanging vines, I grabbed this hot. This shot reminded me of my more adventurous younger […]


Bali – here we come again!

Yes, we will be going to Bali this May 7th-11th again. I thought the last Bali photo-safari in Jan would be the last for a while but I just can't resist the draw of the Melasti festival.

To those who may not know the Melasti festival is an annual festival where the […]


Pak Sara’s grin

We met Pak Sara during the shoot of Pak Gulem at Bedulu village, Bali. Pak Sara actually came to watch the shoot and I was glad that he agreed to pose for us too.

Allow me to intorduce Pak Sara who was 90 yrs old.

Shot with Nikon D3 + Nikon […]