I love the lighting of this photo


Trying to get the Hmong people of Sapa to pose for a photo  during my trip there was usually declined unless you buy something from them. This lady was an exception.

I simply love the lighting of this photo. Taken with Nikon D3 + Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 Aperture Priority @ f/3.2 1/640s ISO400.


Can’t get over this one.


It was our last morning at Halong Bay. We visited this floating village on the way back. Being quite a distance away from the mainland and like most floating villages there, this village was self-sufficient. And as you can see, that applied to recreation too!

Talk about creativity and […]


She was only 4

 I met her at Cat Cat village, Sapa in northern Vietnam. I was trekking down the Hmong tribal village carrying my Lowepro Computrekkar while she was climbing up carrying a "backpack" of her own… her 2 month-old brother! I soon found out that she was only 4. Suddenly my backpack didn’t feel so heavy anymore.



The one chance that got away…

 This issue has been bugging me since my return from my trip to northern Vietnam. It happened while I was at Bac Ha Sunday market.

I met this lady while hanging around the market resting in the shade. She glanced at me and I said to myself, "Wow, what great features she has!". I smiled […]


Day 4 – from Hanoi to Halong Bay


We were met by our Hanoi driver at the railway station on arrival from Lao Cai. He took us to a nearby restaurant for beef noodles breakfast and a cup of Vietnamese coffee. OK, I took two! The restaurant was not ready yet when we arrived. We occupied ourselves by doing a bit of […]


Day 2 & 3 – Part 2 Sapa villages

 After the morning market shoot we met up for breakfast at the hotel where we also packed our lunch as we would be at the villages till late afternoon. 

While waiting to board our van there was again another group of Hmongs with their wares waiting outside the hotel trying their luck again.


Day 2 & 3 – Part 1 Sapa market

 Sapa is higher up in the mountains and hence is cooler with the weather more unpredictable. It may be cold and misty one minute and hot and sunny the very next. Our guide warned us that we may experience the 4 seasons in one day. How true.

We left Bac Ha after lunch. Bac Ha […]


Day 2 – Bac Ha Sunday market

 The 10-hour train ride was on the whole comfortable enough. Many of us were woken up intermittently throughout the journey and the hesitant brakes didn’t help. Imagine a brake system that appeared to fail initially and suddenly decided to work. That was how jerky it was at certain stops along the way. Even then we […]


Day 1 – Hanoi to Bac Ha

 Our first day’s plan was to arrive at Hanoi, freshen up and have dinner followed by taking the 10-hour train ride in a sleeping cabin to Lao Cai. Lao Cai is the end of the line in northern Vietnam and is the border town between Vietnam and China.

We boarded the plane from KLIA (Kuala […]