How to clone away skin blemishes and distracting elements


I normally use the Healing Brush tool for skin.


Always work in Layers. For […]


Colour management in photography


I was once asked what is the most important photography-related equipment that I have ever bought. My unreserved answer was my Eye-One Display 2 monitor calibrator. Below is the reason why. (I hardly print my images; I only share them over the net hence my discussion today will concentrate on the workflow all the […]


Available light photography made simple


What is available light photography? This is with special reference to portraiture as that is mainly what I do.

Available light photography is the form of photography where, as the term suggests, one captures an image in available light with or without the help of reflectors and/or diffusers. Some call it ambient light photography but it matters not as the means […]


Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and ISO made simple

Photography is a hobby to many of us. Some want to be very technical about it but to me I would like to be as simple as possible and concentrate on getting better images. Having said that I am of the opinion that we have to get our photography basics right to fully enjoy […]