This shot sums up my 2011

I traveled to the most number of countries in my life this year – Indonesia (Bali, Jakarta), Thailand (Bangkok), Cambodia (Siem Reap), China (Fengshun, Jiuzhaigou, Chengdu), Philippines (Manila), Myanmar (Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Bagan), Australia (Brisbane, Sydney), Singapore – and what struck me most was that, no matter under what conditions they were living in, […]


Have a go at skin smoothening assignment today

This is the second assignment of my assignment series specially for all (free) members to my site. If you have not registered yet and would like to join in the fun, please do so here. It is important to note that registering as a free member is different from subscribing to my posts.

Also please […]


Yellow is my favourite colour today

For one day only, yellow will be my favourite colour here. My country's future direction may be decided today. We shall see.

Yellow is 'in' today


Invitation by Getty Images

Woke up this morning and was sipping my daily dose of morning coffee when I saw this email from Getty Images:

Hello banhup,

Congratulations! You are now part of a select group of photographers that has the opportunity to participate in the Flickr Collection on Getty Images. For the first time, Flickr and Getty […]


What a bummer!

I recently received some emails through my Contact Me form which made me realize that I did not configure the form properly – the form did not generate the senders email in the message! This means I was unable to reply to their emails. What a bummer!

Especially important are these 2 emails:

1. From […]


Wow, what an experience at my Nikon Malaysia talk.

It was a whole new experience indeed!

The last time I was in front of an audience, I was using an overhead projector with transparencies and physical slides. The audience were all carrying stethoscopes and I still remember my last presentation was on bone marrow transplantation. Fast forward 20-odd years later, I was in front […]


Testing subscriber notifications

I am in the process of testing this function. All those who have subscribed to my posts, please bear with me as I fine tune this to better serve you. A million thanks for your patience.

By the way, there are still some who did not activate the confirmation links sent to them. Please do […]


A feature of me in Air Asia’s in-flight magazine January 2011 issue

I have been informed that the feature of me and my work by Air Asia is already out in their Travel 3Sixty in-flight magazine January 2011 issue. Thank you Juriah Mosin for the heads up! I have yet to receive my copies from Air Asia but here are 2 shots taken by Juriah (thanks again […]


Subscribe to my posts

Didn't know this feature was there but after playing with my website yesterday I found that I could enable this function here. Cool!

If you have nothing better to do and would like to be notified of all my new posts, please feel free to subscribe to my website (see option on top right hand […]