Happy New Year to all of you!

Allow me to wish all of you much happiness for 2011 and be blessed with excellent health and wealth too!

Let's look forward to a better year ahead. And some superb photography as well.





New Year resolution

Have you made your resolution for the new year of 2011? I have! Among many other things, it will be more photography in the form of photo-safaris, travels and workshops…and maybe even a some new ebooks too if writer's cramp does not get the better of me. 😉

Allow me to wish one and all […]


Off to China!

Yes, I will be going to China from Dec 7th till the 11th. I don't know if I will be able to access the internet and if I did not reply to your emails etc it means I couldn't. I will make it a point o reply you ASAP once I can get access to […]


Interview of me by Digital SLR Photography Magazine Malaysia

It is always nice to know that there is some interest out there on my photography. When I was approached to have an interview of me by this Digital SLR Photography magazine (Malaysia edition), I was pleasantly surprised. This October issue that has this interview is already out. Grab an issue if you are keen […]


Making a difference in this world.

On the morning of August 25th 2010, my family went together with a local bank to embark on a mission to try to make a difference in this world. The mission was to address the concerns of global warming secondary to pollution and deforestation by planting 75 trees in a little known primary school in […]


I am free!

Today is officially my last day of my day job, same day as our nation's Merdeka (Independence) day hence it is a nice thought that the whole nation celebrates with me on this national holiday. Many have and will ask why at such a 'young' age (ok, I am not old enough to retire) that […]


Ebooks now available in print!

Due to some requests my ebooks are now available in print. I will be printing this on demand which unfortunately adds to the cost. To make it more affordable I have decided to subsidize the printing of these books.

The books are printed by Photobookmart. I have seen and gone through the quality of the […]


Myanmar here I come!

I will be in Myanmar starting April 19th till the 28th on a private photo-safari. I will be in Yangon, Mandalay, Inle then to Bagan and rounding off the trip in Yangon again before I fly home. I have always wanted to visit this country so much so that I have given this priority over […]


My koi

This is another hobby of mine though not so active since I took up photography. I bought this koi from Sakai Fish Farm of Hiroshima, Japan when I last visited them in the autumn of 2005 with a group of members from the Malaysian Koi Club. She was still a nissai (2 yr-old) at purchase […]