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  • The artist
  • The stare
  • Colours
  • Balinese dancers
  • Quenched
  • Boy dancer - Bali
  • The garden
  • Twins
  • Colours
  • Sunrise Kusamba
  • Jump
  • Silhouette
  • Cleansed
  • Contrast
  • Enter into our world
  • Golden temple
  • Green-copy
  • Happy-go-lucky
  • In the net
  • Our world
  • Domain
  • Enlightened
  • Curiosity
  • Sunset fishing
  • The director
  • In unison
  • The right path
  • Sheltered
  • Covered
  • Revelation













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22 comments to My portfolio

  • mfedli

    like very much with all your pictures

  • Thank you. Glad you like them.

  • CK

    Very nice photography, like it! Can you teach me?

  • Thank you, CK.

    Sure I can teach you but you’ll have to wait for the next photo-safari. If you can’t wait you may consider getting the ebooks which are very easy to follow. 😉


  • yytellmey

    Dr, are you planning to publish (print) your book? I still prefer acrylic hard copy books, even though it would cost RM100 =)

  • Alexander Lai

    Dr. I am very impressed with your talent beside being a doctor.  Your pictures demonstrates exceptional high quality work  portraying emotions of each person/persons in time from your perspective. I hope you can coach me to produce such high quality memorable moments.
    I also hope you will publish your ebooks in hardcopies.  I am definitely interested in purchasing them and to learn.  If ever there's an opportunity to participate in your photo-safari adventures, I will.  Please keep me in the loop.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us.

  • Thanks for the kind words Alex. I will definitely keep you in the loop.


  • Bill

    Bravo! Anyone disagree? Check with eyes-doctors!

  • Thanks Bill. No need to see "eye dotors" though as I hope my photos will be soothing to the eyes. 😉

  • william chua

    Dear sir, I accidentally came to your site, when i'm surfing regarding kois hobbyist, by the way, i'm william chua from the philippines, chinese in origin. I make pond filter brushes.Your pictures are very, very nice. All the details of your subjects are captured exactly in the most excellent angle. My daughter is crazy about photography, i'll show her your album, she'll definitely become crazier. It's a blessing to come to your site. Good luck with your profession as well as your photography and upcoming koi keeping. Byr for now.

  • Yes, another vote for hardcopy book!

  • OK, I hear you guys.

    The printed version of my ebooks is now available. Contact me if you are keen. I'll put them up for sale at this site soon.

    As a heads up:

    Soft cover versions : Ebook for Beginners RM150, Ebooks for the Advanced RM160

    Hard cover versions : Ebook for Beginners RM200, Ebook for the Advanced RM210



  • paul francis

    Dr, your pic's are really good in fact all of them, using only avaliable light, that's really great. i am using nikon D90 with
    18-200 vr II DX (3.5 -22f) and 50mm (1.8f) lens, with these lenses can i snap pic's like yours?  

  • Ali

    Hi Dr,
    I was on a flight with AirAsia last week when I saw you were featured in on of the in-flight magazines. I am amazed! I'm just wondering, how do you make the reflection visibly appear on the subjects' eyes? Is it post-processed or something a full frame does?
    cheers : )

  • Gerard Chee

    Dear Mr. Teh, just subscribed to your site a day ago.
    Your images are breath-taking and stunning. Love the rich colours.
    Kindly let me know of any up coming workshop in the near future.....would like to participate in it.
    Thank you and Kong Hei Fatt Choy!!

  • Hi mr BanHup, I've randomly found your website, and you did skyrocket on top of my favs photographer, as Massimo Sbreni, or Benoit Paille did before…
    I agree with all of the above comments and as soon as I'll be around that corner of the world, I'll be more then willing to check for available workshop, I'll download your ebooks as soon as I find a copy of CS, since I'm currently using just and only Photoshop Elements 9
    Here my question, would be possible at all following your technique on Elements at all~? And since you display them on CS3 would affect using CS 5.5~?
    Thank you for sharing~!

    • Hi Alfonso,
      Thanks for dropping by!
      I am actually not familiar with Photoshop Elements but from what I read, the functions available in Elements do not allow you to use my workflow.
      One can of course use CS5.5 following my workflow. Anyway the new editions that will be ready soon will be illustrated with CS5.
      Hope the above helps and it is always my pleasure to share.

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