Photo-safaris and Workshops

I have so far organised photo-safaris to Bali and Myanmar. I generally would like to shoot on my own but I do organise these photo-safaris or workshops occasionally especially on special requests. In all my photo-safaris I usually teach post-processing in the evenings.

I also hope to organise safaris to Nepal, Siem Reap and Sapa (northen Vietnam) in the near future.

Click here to look at my latest workshops and/or photo-safaris.

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2 comments to Photo-safaris and Workshops

  • Deric Loo

    Hi Mr. Teh,
    My name is Deric Loo, really like the way u shot n how u emphasis on your photos.
    Do u teach post processing at local, I m from Ipoh too n don't mind travel to KL to attend your workshop on Post Processing.
    Regard from Deric Loo

    • Hi Deric,

      I am glad you like my work. Thanks.

      I do teach on request and I do have the occasional post-processing workshops. These workshops are usually run by photography clubs or Nikon. I will PM you some details.


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