How to choose the right Color Setting for your Photoshop

It is imperative that you set the color setting right even before you start using Photoshop. Photoshop’s default color space is sRGB which is the correct color space for Web posting. However sRGB is really a very limited color space, much smaller than what printers can actually produce. I strongly suggest you to change this to Adobe RGB (1998). You do this by going to Edit> Color Settings.

Color settings


Click it and this dialog box appears. Click on the drop-down menu under Settings and change it to North America Prepress 2. The Working Spaces RGB will be automatically changed to Adobe RGB (1998).


Color setting change1


Your job here is not finished yet.


Change the RGB in Color Management Policies to this:   


Color setting change2



One final step. For Profile Mismatches, turn off the Ask When Opening checkbox. That way, your old photos will automatically update to match your current working space when you re-open them in Photoshop.


Then click OK.


Your Photoshop is now ready for some serious post-processing.

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