Readers’ comments and feedbacks


A special thank you to all of you who have taken the time to give me your valued comments and feedback. I am glad that the consensus is unanimous. Before I show you the positive comments I want to put on record I actually have ONE slightly negative comment which is:

"It probably doesn't have as much information as I was expecting for the number of pages, but it did say "beginners" and what is there is quality." Baine C.

I thanked Baine for his frank feedback as I view all comments from a positive angle. Negative feebacks, even though only one, can only help me to improve on the next edition. The emphasis here is on quality as I am confident that whoever masters the workflow described in the ebook will have a whole new world of post-processing of portraits in photography opened to him/her.


Here then is a cross-section of the feedbacks I have received to date:


"Although directed at beginners, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone, beginners and advanced photographers alike. It is one of the best works on portraiture post processing that I’ve seen." DA.


"Having worked through this book I can guarantee there will be something in it for almost everyone. It's reasonably priced too!" Stuart C.


"Your book is so wonderfully clear and easy to follow. I even used the technique on my dog's shot yesterday. Its FANTASTIC!!!!!!"  Gretchen C.


"...the steps are illustrated by using the images from the photoshop pages as you would see when you are on that particular stem. It's so user-friendly that even with limited photoshop skill you can follow the steps and master the skill in no time at all. Now you can add another dimension to your portraits by using Banhup's ebook." Noordin.  


"I have bought the ebook and it is illustrated with amazing details on the techniques used. It opens up a new world of post-processing for me. No more lens lust for the time being until I master these post-processing techniques. The take-a-break section is simply inspiring." Sunster.


"I would say 'Highly Recommended' for beginners or intermediate users. Thanks to Banhup for his generousity to share this fine workflow. I found it is rather unique to find Banhup featuring his awesome works along with the tutorial which act as a form of healing to our eyes after so much concentration at the reading. This ebook is worth more than the price. Looking forward for his next recipe." Joshua T.


"I found the book to be very good and informative. The step by step guide with screenshots from Photoshop CS3 were very helpful. Important information like how much the feather, radius, amount of sharpening was also provided. This is to ensure that the reader could somehow end up with the same output from the edits." Jason.


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