Gears required for the workshop

Here are the gears recommended for the photoshoot and the post-processing session.

For the photoshoot

1. Fast lenses preferred e.g f/2.8. This is because we will be shooting exclusively in available light with/without a reflector.

2. Camera especially one with good high ISO performance. For the same reason as above.

3. Accessories if you have any that you want to try e.g shawls, umbrellas etc. This is a good exercise for you to think out of the box to see what you can come out with. This is of course optional as I will be arranging for this.

4. Photo-storage device for you to back up your shots,

5. Or bring enough memory cards.

6. Mosquito repellent.


For the post-processing session

1. Laptop with Photoshop loaded.

2. Extension plugs for your laptop power.

3. Writing material if you want to take down notes.


What I will be using

Just in case you want to know:

1. Nikon D3

2. Nikon 24-70mm/2.8

3. Nikon 17-35mm/2.8

4. Nikon 85mm/1.4

Click to go to:

1. Gears required for the workshop.

2. Shoot locations.

3. Submit your photos for C&C.

4. Participants' gallery.


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