Ebook on Portraiture Post-Processing for Beginners 2nd Edition

This ebook helps you understand and master the way I process most of the images shared in this website. With detailed step-by-step guide of my workflow, you'll find the steps very easy to follow. It is like leading you by the hand throughout the process. Although I have used Photoshop CS5 for illustration, all the tools can be found in older versions of Photoshop (at least from CS3 onwards).

New Version Highlights

Some refinements in workflow

Topic on available light photography

Free Actions and photos downloads

New photos to share

Illustrated with Photoshop CS5

*expect to get professional-like results

*written by a photographer for photographers

*illustrated with numerous diagrams/photos 

*easy step-by-step guide

Read readers comments & feedback on 1st edition here.

Click here to preview sample pages here.





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