Readers’comments and feedbacks

Here are some comments and feedbacks:


"I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your e-book and in fact, I bought your second e-book for advanced post-processing. I’ve used the techniques to make my photos pop, not necessarily my portrait shots, but it did wonders for my animal and food shots that placed very well in competition. Best regards! Janet R.

"I love your ebooks. I enjoy them very much. It is an inspiration for me to improve on those images of my adventure works. Thank you Banhup."  Rabani


"Overall, your ebook is great, I love the way you explain, clear and practical. I also love your work, great photos. Thank you." Deren M.


"Thanks Banhup! Using your technique, I've brought my photos to another level. They have come alive! People used to say that you can't mimic the effect of polarizers. I believe you've found the way...a better way in fact. Brilliant!" Alan


"Thanks for the quick reply! I've read the ebook and have learn a lot of things already. I will definitely recommend your ebook to everyone. Thanks for this wonderful idea and for sharing your skills." Rodolfo


"I really enjoy your ebooks. You have improved my Photoshop techniques a lot. I would certainly recommend your ebooks to my friends." D. Ang



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