Shooting in the mornings and evenings is always fun

Since I do available light photography exclusively, I simply love to shoot in the early mornings and evenings when the light is warm and diffuse – it can be enjoyable and rewarding. Sometimes even simple subjects can be stunning. Before the introduction of high ISO performance cameras – specifically the Nikon D3 – noise could […]


One evening in Bali

You have seen some shots taken in the mornings in Bali posted previously here. For the same reasons I like to shoot in the evenings when lighting is fantastic for dramatic available light photography – the only difference is that in the morning the light becomes harsher with time and in the evening the reverse […]


My impression of the Fuji X-Pro1

I seldom blog about my opinion on any cameras. However I must share with you my impression of the Fuji X-Pro1 simply because my search for a lighter, more compact camera has finally ended. Will this replace my ever-trustworthy Nikon D3? Unlikely. Will I use it for some serious work? You bet! […]


Red – how to frame a face

Many a time we need to make a tight portrait more interesting by framing the face with whatever we have at our disposal. Shawls, hands, leaves, natural shadows etc will all work. Here, Dian Sharlin has exemplified this perfectly. Notice how she used the red shawl and her hands to frame her face. Notice the […]


In the mood

Here are 2 shots taken of Natacha Meunier during my Nikon Malaysia workshop at the end of last year. I want to specially share these because I simply like the mood created by the lighting…and specially enhanced by post-processing of course.

Taken in available light with window side-lighting and a reflector to fill in some […]


By the window

Or what's left of one. This was taken during my last workshop.

Window side-lighting is a great place to shoot especially in available light photography. This will be used to the max for this Friday's one-on-one workshop where I will be faced with many challenges. Should be fun.

Model […]


A recent workshop with Juria Hartmans

I recently had a one-on-one available light portraiture workshop with Sanjeev Verma, a very keen hobbyist from Singapore. Natacha Meunier was the planned model but due to some last minute unforeseen circumstances, Natacha could not make it and, being the professional that she is, she recommended her friend Juria Hartmans as a replacement. I initially […]


Nikon Club Malaysia – Banhup Available Light Portraiture Workshop September 24th-25th, 2011

The workshop finally came and went. It was a day for creativity to flow and flow it did especially from the enthusiastic participants.

I must thank all the participants for making life so easy for me as an instructor. Judging from the shots that the participants have sent me, I must say that I am […]


Motion in red

This shot of Natacha Meunier was taken during my August workshop with Burke Strickland, a very keen photography hobbyist from Texas. When you have a great & gorgeous model, a good background and beautiful side-lighting (and of course, a patient participant), that to me is a formula for a potential good shot. Hope this one […]