Pak Gulem at work

Pak Gulem is a friend of Pak Sara's. They are both from the village of Bedulu, Bali. You have seen a shot of Pak Sara. Here is a shot of Pak Gulem at work taken with the Nikon 24mm/1.4 @ f/1.4 1/640s ISO 200.



More kids having fun

Don't you enjoy seeing the joy in their faces? That is what our lives should be. This photo was taken at a waterfall in the village of Bedulu, Bali. We chanced upon this group of boys having fun at the fall. I can still hear their laughter by looking at this photo. Always bring a […]


Pak Sara’s grin

We met Pak Sara during the shoot of Pak Gulem at Bedulu village, Bali. Pak Sara actually came to watch the shoot and I was glad that he agreed to pose for us too.

Allow me to intorduce Pak Sara who was 90 yrs old.

Shot with Nikon D3 + Nikon […]


Pak Gulam of Bedulu Village

As part of our village photography tour we met Pak Gulam at Bedulu village at his home. He is 72 yrs old and presently lives alone after his only son got married and moved out. He still manages his farm nearby and keeps a fighting cockerel as a hobby.

Here are some shots […]