Mama, shed a tear for me

This shot was taken during my teaching photo-safari to Siem Reap late last year. We were on our way out to Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia, when we passed through this fishing village. What a great place for my type of street portraiture!

Taken with the Nikon D3 + 24-70mm/2.8 […]


A special portraiture post-processing workshop in Kuantan

'Special' because it is a special request by a photographer friend from Kuantan.

'Special' because we won't be shooting pretty models for a change.*

And 'special' because being a first of such workshops by me, I'll make it special. 😉

(I prefer to do […]


Sunset fishermen of Bali

We were at Jimbaran fishing village on the evening of the 3rd day. The plan was to shoot the sunset and have a BBQ seafood dinner at one of the restaurants nearby. We had a blast of a time and so did the returning fishermen coming home after a bumper catch.

One […]


I am back from Bali!

What a trip! Bali never fails to surprise. We had a fun 4 days/3 nights trip with so many shooting opportunities. The weather was very kind too even though it was supposed to be the rainy season – it only rained on the first night during the post-processing session and as such none of our […]


A trip to Sekinchan


Last Saturday, a group of fellow photographers (Jason, Liew, Fazli) and I took a trip to Sekinchan famous for its padi fields and nearby fishing villages. We were supposed to take the sunrise at the fields but Jason unfortunately turned out one hour late. As punishment he had to pay for breakfast.



2 more from Kusamba fishing village

 I have just processed these and I thought are worth sharing with you. Again taken at Kusamba fishing village at sunrise.

These were to be transported across to nearby island.

Loading up.



Sunrise at Kusamba fishing village

 We woke up very early daily to catch the sunrise in Bali. To me, the sunrise at Kusamba was the most interesting and rewarding, photography-wise.

We arrived early and soon had our gears ready – camera set appropriately and attached to the tripod. Here is the series of shots that I managed to capture that […]


Can’t get over this one.


It was our last morning at Halong Bay. We visited this floating village on the way back. Being quite a distance away from the mainland and like most floating villages there, this village was self-sufficient. And as you can see, that applied to recreation too!

Talk about creativity and […]


All about Bali – a photographer’s perspective

 I have decided to post something on Bali because of my plan to organise a 5D/4N photo-safari there in July 19th-23rd this year.

Bali to me is a photographer's paradise. What else can one ask for when you have generally clear skies (esp June/July season), beautiful sceneries, gorgeous Balinese archictecture and friendly people who usually […]