Hanoi-Bac Ha-Sapa photosafari Part 1

After the Bersih 3.0 rally on 28th April, I just couldn't find the inspiration to blog. Photography has taken a backseat and the only significant photography-related action I did was to change my Nikon D800 to the D800E. Yes, I have done that. I figured since I have moved up to medium format territory with […]


By the big, big tree

Again taken during my last teaching photo-safari to Siem Reap. It was an amazing and fascinating sight to see these trees as part of the ruins.

Talking about teaching photo-safari, I am in the mood for some new destinations starting with the Hanoi-Buc Ha-Sapa route (Vietnam) some time in April or May 2012. If you […]


Day 1 – Hanoi to Bac Ha

 Our first day’s plan was to arrive at Hanoi, freshen up and have dinner followed by taking the 10-hour train ride in a sleeping cabin to Lao Cai. Lao Cai is the end of the line in northern Vietnam and is the border town between Vietnam and China.

We boarded the plane from KLIA (Kuala […]


Where I was on May 30th till June 4th



Not the US but was in Vietnam during that said period. 

It was the school hols and I thought it was a good idea to bring my kids along on a 5D/$N trip to Hanoi-Buc Ha-Sapa-Halong Bay trail. They could see and experience the culture […]