Locking up

Taken at the same Shwe Yan Pay monastery as the previous post.

The monks just finished their lunch. Next to the dining hall was another building which I think is a store. I saw this monk went in and since I like the lighting at that alley, I waited for him to come out. […]



Had a fun shoot with some friends yesterday. Unfortunately my tummy wasn't feeling too good and I had to excuse myself midway through it. This shoot was done at an abandoned school in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. Here is one done in available light that I have processed so far on Susan (remember Goddess?). I […]


Ibu from Ubud in Black & White

You have seen her in colour. I was bored and whenever that happens I play with post-processing. This time round I played with black and white conversion and used the Render filter to tinker with the lighting. Hope you like this one.