Semporna, what a lovely place!

Both for relaxation and photography. Situated in the Tawau Division, in the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia on the island of Borneo, the majority of the population are Bajau, many of whom live in sprawling stilt villages over the water on the outskirts of town.

I have always wanted to go to this place after […]


Red – how to frame a face

Many a time we need to make a tight portrait more interesting by framing the face with whatever we have at our disposal. Shawls, hands, leaves, natural shadows etc will all work. Here, Dian Sharlin has exemplified this perfectly. Notice how she used the red shawl and her hands to frame her face. Notice the […]


Vintage Kharu

I have so many files to process that I almost do not know where to start. And I have files since March that I have not finished processing!

Well, I have to start somewhere as these files begged to be processed. For a start here is one of Kharunisia Jazmin taken during the Manuel […]


The 2 beauties of Malacca

At least Kharunisia Jazmin and Dian Sharlin were during the Manuel Librodo Malacca workshop last weekend 😉 We had a ball of a time shooting from one end to the other along Jonker Street, the main tourist street of historical Malacca. Curious onlookers were aplenty but that did not distract us from our objectives.

The […]


The Malacca workshop

The Manuel Librodo workshop in Malacca came and went last weekend. When Manny and I arrived at Malacca the day prior to the shoot, it was raining cats and dogs. And it rained practically the whole day! That didn't dampen our spirits despite the fact that the weather report for the next day would be […]


Colours of Kharu

This was taken during the last Manuel Librodo workshop in March. I am now looking through the files now and will process any that is worth sharing. Here is the first one.


Aperture priority @ f/3.2 1/250s ISO 400.

For those who are keen […]


Kharu at Kellie’s castle

I have always wanted to do a photoshoot at Kellie's castle. The opportunity came when Kharu and Manny decided to extend their stay after the March's workshop. Off we went on that Sunday evening immediately after the post-processing session. To me it was a nice evening drive as Ipoh is only a couple of hours' […]


Kharu in Colors

These were taken during the March Manuel Librodo workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Kharunisia Jazmin aka Kharu was in her elements and as usual did her own design and makeup. Manny and I did not know what she had come out with the minute she emerged with these other than the fact that we wanted the […]


“Summer loving, Winter tears” – A Manuel Librodo workshop in Malacca

The much requested workshop with portraiture & glamour photographer Manuel Librodo aka Manny and model Kharunisia Jazmin has now been confirmed. This time we have decided to have it in historical Malacca from July 16th-17th, 2011.

Manny and I have planned an interesting 2-day educational program for this workshop giving participants […]