Krystal in her elements

These 2 photos were again taken during my first encounter with Krystal Virulchanya in Bangkok at my one-on-one workshop with Manuel Librodo.

This one was grossly underexposed and I had not bothered to process it. Fortunately I took this in RAW format (another reason why we should shoot in RAW) and I am now able […]


Krystal Virulchanya – a revisit


My post-processing has evolved over the years and I thought it is time I revisit some of my early shots. Allow me to start with Krystal.

This was taken at a one-on-one workshop with Manuel Librodo in Bangkok in early 2007. Taken with Nikon D200 + Nikon 85mm/1.4 Aperture Priority @ f/3.2 1/500s ISO200.



Not talking

If you have a great subject or a model half the battle is won. Kharunisia is superb in this sense. Give her a theme and whatever props and she will do the rest.

This was taken at a workshop by Manuel Librodo organised by me in Kuala Lumpur. Kharu was given the Chinese opera costume […]




This is my all time favourite of Krystal Virulchanya, an actress-model from Bangkok. This was taken at my one-on-one workshop with the very talented photographer Manuel Librodo in late 2006. We placed Krystal in the shade with the mid-morning light streaming through the leaves of a nearby tree forming interesting patterns on her face […]


Red umbrella – Photo to share

This is the first in the series of Photo to share for this new website of mine (old website here). The objective of this series is to share with you how the images shown were taken and hopefully we can all learn from them.

This one was taken at one of the […]