This is another shot of the same two monks but this time it was taken at Ta Prohm, the temple ruins in Siem Reap made famous by the shooting of Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie a few years ago (the previous shot posted on January 13th was taken at Preah Khan).

Taken with […]


Shwe Yan Pyay (oval shaped window) monastery of Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar

To go to Inle Lake we took a flight from Yangon to Heho, then took a drive to Nyaung Shwe, the gateway to Inle Lake. This was where took a boat ride to our hotel (Golden Island Cottages) during my recent photo-safari with 12 other photographers. This was also where we visited the famous oval-shaped […]


Back from my Myanmar photo-safari

Time seems to fly when one is having fun. That's exactly what happened on this trip to Bagan, Myanmar with this fun group of 11 photographers. With so many wonderful shooting opportunities, good food and great company, one cannot ask for anything more.

When there is Myanmar 1 there must be a Myanmar […]


Getting in line – a shot from the front

As mentioned the monks do move quite fast so much so that I was at the back of the line most of the time. For this shot I was informed by our guide that they will be going through this area.  I liked how the how the sunlight streamed through on the right and waited […]


Monks collecting morning alms

After our 'chasing' of the nuns for photographs it was the monks' turn the next day. (Story later) The monks were as expected much faster leaving us far behind before we knew it. Notice their bare feet.



Day 2 – Mandalay Part 1

We woke up early the next day having well rested our weary bones, had breakfast (that was provided by the hotel – nothing to write home about) and off we went to Yangon airport again to take an domestic flight to Mandalay. It was just slightly more than a half hour flight and when we […]


What the Nikon 24mm/f1.4 can do

Without the Nikon 24mm/f1.4 I wouldn't have been able to capture this.

It was late evening. These monks from this monastery in Mandalay, Myanmar gathered to say their prayers before the meditation session. It was getting quite dark. I had to shoot wide open, increased the ISO to 6400 and still only achieved a shutter […]