The Padaung tribe of Myanmar

When we visited Inle Lake during my last photo-safari there, we met a group of Padaung tribe at one of the souvenir shops there. They were there obviously as a tourist attraction but whenever someone bought something they apparently get some commission. They were also there to demonstrate to tourist their form of weaving industry.



My talk at Nikon Malaysia’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, April 3rd 2011.

I will be giving a talk at Nikon Malaysia's 10th Anniversary celebration on the said date at Hall 3, Mid-valley Exhibition Centre, Mid-valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. It will be from 11:00 am till 1:00 pm. I have selected a topic that I am very passionate about which is Available Light Photography/Portraiture. So if any of […]


Wow, what a photosafari!

We are finally back from this Myanmar safari. What a trip! Everyone had great fun. With so many shooting opportunities and interspersed with so many jokes especially from Jo, it was entertainment throughout the trip. Thank you to all the participants for joining me and making this safari ever so memorable. Without you guys this […]


A few more days to Myanmar!

Yes, a few more days to my Myanmar photosafari – specifically on March 12th. I reckon the participants are all set for this trip, a trip to a land that I maintain is a photographer's paradise just like Bali. Nice people, nice food, plenty of shooting opportunities and with the cool climate now, an amazing […]


March 12th-17th Myanmar photosafari – Two slots left!

Our photo-safari to Myanmar (Yangon-Inle Lake-Mandalay) as expected is very popular. The latest is that I still have 2 slots left. All confirmed participants have already booked their respective flights and I am finalising an interesting photography itinerary for them. For example we will certainly be shooting the leg-rowing Intha fishermen of Inle Lake, like […]


Some portraits from Bagan, Myanmar

I have yet to finish processing the photos from my last photo-safari to Bagan, Myanmar. With my busy traveling schedule (just returned from Gold Coast, Australia and will be off to Shantou, China tomorrow) I will have to procrastinate finishing the processing the rest. Here are a few shots to share.

Brothers – […]


Back from my Myanmar photo-safari

Time seems to fly when one is having fun. That's exactly what happened on this trip to Bagan, Myanmar with this fun group of 11 photographers. With so many wonderful shooting opportunities, good food and great company, one cannot ask for anything more.

When there is Myanmar 1 there must be a Myanmar […]


A busy week ahead for me

Yes, it is going to be a very busy 7 days for me!

Tomorrow I will be having a full day one-on-one workshop with a lady professional photographer. I always enjoy teaching other photographers how to see the light in available light photography as well as sharing with them my unique workflow. Tomorrow will be […]


More of smoking cherrot in Myanmar

I know this is an unhealthy practice but the uniqueness of smoking cherrot does make a lasting impression to the uninitiated, me included. I must add here again that somehow the number of female smokers of cherrot outnumbered the males from what I could see. I wonder if this is really true.

Taken […]