Going through some old files

I have not been shooting much of late and those who know me know that I process my files only when I have inspiration to do so – and I usually do it one at a time! It is hence not surprising that I still have many files that I have yet to process given […]


In the mood

Here are 2 shots taken of Natacha Meunier during my Nikon Malaysia workshop at the end of last year. I want to specially share these because I simply like the mood created by the lighting…and specially enhanced by post-processing of course.

Taken in available light with window side-lighting and a reflector to fill in some […]


Nikon Club Malaysia – Banhup Available Light Portraiture Workshop September 24th-25th, 2011

The workshop finally came and went. It was a day for creativity to flow and flow it did especially from the enthusiastic participants.

I must thank all the participants for making life so easy for me as an instructor. Judging from the shots that the participants have sent me, I must say that I am […]


Motion in red

This shot of Natacha Meunier was taken during my August workshop with Burke Strickland, a very keen photography hobbyist from Texas. When you have a great & gorgeous model, a good background and beautiful side-lighting (and of course, a patient participant), that to me is a formula for a potential good shot. Hope this one […]



This shot was taken almost at the end of our workshop session. Light was getting harsh (almost lunch time) and I decided we use the reflected light from the floor to help light up Natacha's face. I used the shawls to frame her face and to help diffuse some of the light. One of the […]



Or half of it. 😉

This is a shot of Natacha at last weekend's one-on-one workshop. Nigel the MUA/Designer was working on her makeup and hair-do on her right when I grabbed this shot. There are 2 lessons here i.e don't waste time and take some shots whenever you can – even when MUA is […]


More of Natacha in available light

This is for those of you who asked me if it is true that I only used available light for this series. Yes indeed, I only shoot in available light and have been doing so for a long time now. I have since 'banished' my flashguns to the drybox. 😉

Here are a few more […]


Some tight portraits of Natacha

Natacha had 2 outfit changes during the workshop. Here are 2 representative tight portraits from those outfits. Taken with the Nikon 85mm/1.4 @ f/1.4.





And the verdict is……

…a double thumbs up! Srini, the one-on-one participant, was able to absorb all the technical jargon and my unique workflow that I threw at him. And he is one photographer who knew very little and was intimidated by the sight of the many options available in photoshop. Looking at the results of his own post-processing […]