It has been a hectic few weeks for me – was in Vietnam followed by Singapore – hence the lack of new posts lately. This doesn't mean that I have been idle. In fact I have been going through my shots taken in Vietnam. Boy am I pleased with the results!

Many of you knew […]



It was Red the last time. This time it is Yellow. 😉

This was taken at an abandoned bungalow in Kuala Lumpur during my one-on-one workshop with Lin Tun of Myanmar. I had to shoot wide open and increased the ISO to get a decent shutter speed. Taken with Nikon 17-35mm Aperture Priority @ f/2.8 […]


Red – how to frame a face

Many a time we need to make a tight portrait more interesting by framing the face with whatever we have at our disposal. Shawls, hands, leaves, natural shadows etc will all work. Here, Dian Sharlin has exemplified this perfectly. Notice how she used the red shawl and her hands to frame her face. Notice the […]


A Sunday with Dian Sharlin

Sunday July 3rd was the day when I had a one-on-one workshop with JS Chang, a keen hobbyist from Klang. The morning started with gloomy, overcast skies but the morning sun soon came through providing us with gorgeous lighting henceforth. What a relief! What is photography without light?

Here is a couple of shots that […]


And the verdict is……

…a double thumbs up! Srini, the one-on-one participant, was able to absorb all the technical jargon and my unique workflow that I threw at him. And he is one photographer who knew very little and was intimidated by the sight of the many options available in photoshop. Looking at the results of his own post-processing […]


Cay Kuijpers – In Her Elements

When Manuel Librodo aka Manny asked if I was keen to shoot Cay Kuijpers, I jumped on the opportunity and said 'yes' without hesitation for, besides it is always fun and inspiring to shoot with Manny, I have always wanted to shoot Cay. Fast forward a few hours later an appointment was made and confirmed […]



This is another shot of Linaa but this time she was in the long, flowing pink dress designed by Nigel of Nigelus Fashion. And the makeup was by Nigel too!

Pink @ 1/400s f/3.2 ISO400.