Wow, what a photosafari!

We are finally back from this Myanmar safari. What a trip! Everyone had great fun. With so many shooting opportunities and interspersed with so many jokes especially from Jo, it was entertainment throughout the trip. Thank you to all the participants for joining me and making this safari ever so memorable. Without you guys this […]


More of smoking cherrot in Myanmar

I know this is an unhealthy practice but the uniqueness of smoking cherrot does make a lasting impression to the uninitiated, me included. I must add here again that somehow the number of female smokers of cherrot outnumbered the males from what I could see. I wonder if this is really true.

Taken […]


A 24mm/f1.4 portrait

This lens is well suited for environmental portraiture. Being a wide angle lens expect it to have some distortions if you do a close up as the following portrait will show. I personally  have no problems with that as I have leant to live with some life's imperfections. 😉

This portrait is of a 70+ […]


Cloth weaving at Inle Lake

Inle Lake is famous for its Intha fishermen (Intha = sons of the lake) with their leg rowing, and for its cloth-weaving industry.

We visited this cloth-weaving workshop on the first afternoon of our arrival at this picturesque lake. It was just about 10 minutes' boat ride from our hotel (Golden Island Cottage).

For all […]


What the Nikon 24mm/f1.4 can do

Without the Nikon 24mm/f1.4 I wouldn't have been able to capture this.

It was late evening. These monks from this monastery in Mandalay, Myanmar gathered to say their prayers before the meditation session. It was getting quite dark. I had to shoot wide open, increased the ISO to 6400 and still only achieved a shutter […]