Banhup Workshop with Nikon (Malaysia)

In collaboration with Nikon Malaysia and their Nikon Club, I will be having a 2-day portrait workshop on September 24th and 25th, 2011 specially for beginner-to-intermediate level photographers, or advanced photographers who would like to learn my style of available light photography and post-processing.

Here then are the details:

Theme : "Shooting with Available […]


Some portraits from my Kuantan post-processing workshop

These portraits were taken during the 2nd session of the photoshoot at Tanjung Lumpur fishing village. We must have met one of the friendliest group of villagers whose houses will sadly be demolished in the not too distant future to make way for development. Despite us disturbing their daily routine, we were served cold drinks […]


I am free!

Today is officially my last day of my day job, same day as our nation's Merdeka (Independence) day hence it is a nice thought that the whole nation celebrates with me on this national holiday. Many have and will ask why at such a 'young' age (ok, I am not old enough to retire) that […]


A 24mm/f1.4 portrait

This lens is well suited for environmental portraiture. Being a wide angle lens expect it to have some distortions if you do a close up as the following portrait will show. I personally  have no problems with that as I have leant to live with some life's imperfections. 😉

This portrait is of a 70+ […]



It is always nice to see kids having fun. Our guide prearranged this shoot for us at this water-spill around Klungkung, Bali. When we arrived the kids just appeared from the neighbouring houses. We were supposed to photograph them in better early morning light. Unfortunately some of the participants were hungry after the sunrise shoot […]


Ibu of Ubud market

Those who have been to the Ubud market in Bali would reconize this ibu – she runs a stall selling souvenirs at one of the sidelanes there. I make it a point to visit her each time I am there. I usually just chat with her but during the last visit in Jan 2010 I […]


Pak Sara’s grin

We met Pak Sara during the shoot of Pak Gulem at Bedulu village, Bali. Pak Sara actually came to watch the shoot and I was glad that he agreed to pose for us too.

Allow me to intorduce Pak Sara who was 90 yrs old.

Shot with Nikon D3 + Nikon […]


Dancer from Bedulu

This is one of the many dancers that we had an opportunity to shoot "behind the scene" at our specially arranged tour of this village. I have more to share in the days to come. To all of you celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year I wish you to have a Happy and posperous one…and […]


Another of Pak Gulam

This time in black & white. I was going through the files and found this one with the interesting lighting. Hope you like it.

Almost hidden.