A recent workshop with Juria Hartmans

I recently had a one-on-one available light portraiture workshop with Sanjeev Verma, a very keen hobbyist from Singapore. Natacha Meunier was the planned model but due to some last minute unforeseen circumstances, Natacha could not make it and, being the professional that she is, she recommended her friend Juria Hartmans as a replacement. I initially […]


New prices for my ebooks

October news!

In conjunction with me being featured as photographer of the month of October 2011 at photomalaysia.com I would like to announce the new prices for all my ebooks.

Here are the new prices:

Ebook on Portraiture Post-processing for Beginners – US$33.90   New Price US$26.90

Ebook on Portraiture Post-processing for the […]


Nikon Club Malaysia – Banhup Available Light Portraiture Workshop September 24th-25th, 2011

The workshop finally came and went. It was a day for creativity to flow and flow it did especially from the enthusiastic participants.

I must thank all the participants for making life so easy for me as an instructor. Judging from the shots that the participants have sent me, I must say that I am […]


Limited slots left at my September 24th-25th Nikon workshop

Nikon Malaysia has informed me that places are being taken up fast and there are only limited slots left for my September 24th – 25th Available Light Portraiture Nikon workshop. That is good. It would be my pleasure to meet all the participants. If you are considering learning my workflow, please contact Nikon Club of […]


What a workshop!

It was an interesting available light portraiture workshop indeed with so many new "experiences". Firstly, Burke Strickland flew all the way from Texas for this one-on-one workshop. Before that, the furthest among my participants were from Singapore.

Secondly, we have been planning this for a few months and on the evening of the workshop, I […]


The new editions of my eBooks are finally here!

Yes, finally, after many delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Making the decisions to add what needs to be added was tough. I eventually made the decision to give free updates instead. As it is, there are some refinement in my workflow, some new chapters including post-processing of environmental portraits & textures, a […]


New editions to my ebooks soon!

The time has come for me to replace my ebooks on portraiture post-processing with new editions after 3 successful years. I have recently started updating the ebooks with new techniques, new photos and even some new chapters. This time I will be illustrating my post-processing workflow with Photoshop CS5. If everything goes as planned these […]


Some portraits from Bagan, Myanmar

I have yet to finish processing the photos from my last photo-safari to Bagan, Myanmar. With my busy traveling schedule (just returned from Gold Coast, Australia and will be off to Shantou, China tomorrow) I will have to procrastinate finishing the processing the rest. Here are a few shots to share.

Brothers – […]


I am free!

Today is officially my last day of my day job, same day as our nation's Merdeka (Independence) day hence it is a nice thought that the whole nation celebrates with me on this national holiday. Many have and will ask why at such a 'young' age (ok, I am not old enough to retire) that […]