Ebooks now available in print!

Due to some requests my ebooks are now available in print. I will be printing this on demand which unfortunately adds to the cost. To make it more affordable I have decided to subsidize the printing of these books.

The books are printed by Photobookmart. I have seen and gone through the quality of the […]


A special portraiture post-processing workshop in Kuantan

'Special' because it is a special request by a photographer friend from Kuantan.

'Special' because we won't be shooting pretty models for a change.*

And 'special' because being a first of such workshops by me, I'll make it special. 😉

(I prefer to do […]


Manuel Librodo workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am pleased to announce that world famous available light portrait photographer Manuel Librodo will be coming to Kuala Lumpur this June 5th to share his expertise and experience at a full day workshop. Manuel or Manny, as he is often called, needs no further introduction. For those who may want to see some of […]


Another of Pak Gulam

This time in black & white. I was going through the files and found this one with the interesting lighting. Hope you like it.

Almost hidden.


Krystal in her elements

These 2 photos were again taken during my first encounter with Krystal Virulchanya in Bangkok at my one-on-one workshop with Manuel Librodo.

This one was grossly underexposed and I had not bothered to process it. Fortunately I took this in RAW format (another reason why we should shoot in RAW) and I am now able […]


Return of Pak Jingga


I have now post-processed all the photos taken during the Bali photo-safari and have lots to share. Before that, I would like to share another image of Pak Jingga which I processed early this morning during the interval of the Champions Leaque game between Arsenal and Celtic (yay, Arsenal won!). Took me a whole […]


Available light photography made simple


What is available light photography? This is with special reference to portraiture as that is mainly what I do.

Available light photography is the form of photography where, as the term suggests, one captures an image in available light with or without the help of reflectors and/or diffusers. Some call it ambient light photography but it matters not as the means […]


Disciple monk – Photo to share

 I had the privilege to join a group of photographers to Siem Reap, Cambodia where we had a 5-day photo-safari around the ruins of Angkor. It was an annual affair that being the 5th installment a.k.a Crossing Bridges 5.

This photo was taken at a temple just outside Siem Reap. This disciple monk was curious […]