Krystal in B&W

You have seen Ibu of Ubud and Evon in black and white. How about Krystal? This is a very old photo being given a new "look" in black and white with, again, some playing with the Render filter in photoshop. Boy, am I having fun with that filter!

Hope you like this treatment too….


Evon in Black and White

Here is another play with the Render filter of Photoshop. I processed this photo in colour, converted it into black and white and played with the Render filter to modify the direction of the light. Here is the result:


Ibu from Ubud in Black & White

You have seen her in colour. I was bored and whenever that happens I play with post-processing. This time round I played with black and white conversion and used the Render filter to tinker with the lighting. Hope you like this one.