Shooting in the mornings and evenings is always fun

Since I do available light photography exclusively, I simply love to shoot in the early mornings and evenings when the light is warm and diffuse – it can be enjoyable and rewarding. Sometimes even simple subjects can be stunning. Before the introduction of high ISO performance cameras – specifically the Nikon D3 – noise could […]


Day 1 continued – Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset

The time difference between Myanmar and Malaysia (and similar countries from this region that include Singapore and Hong Kong) is 1.5 hours. I am so used to having sunsets at about 7.15pm hence you can appreciate the timing of sunsets in Myanmar. Yes, it is at about 5.45pm!

It was already late afternoon at Chauk […]


Day 1 – arrival at Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is truly a land of unsurpassed beauty and inspiration to many photographers with the Buddhist religion being the focal point of the countless pagodas and stupas there. Monasteries and nunneries are everywhere and if these are part of your itinerary, which I strongly recommend they should be included, I suggest you come prepared with […]


Sunset fishermen of Bali

We were at Jimbaran fishing village on the evening of the 3rd day. The plan was to shoot the sunset and have a BBQ seafood dinner at one of the restaurants nearby. We had a blast of a time and so did the returning fishermen coming home after a bumper catch.

One […]


We moved on to Tanah Lot, Bali


After having finished our shoot of Pak Jingga we moved on to Tanah Lot which was nearby. There must have been a zillion people there! I normally try to avoid touristy areas when I do photo-safaris but this time was an exception as it was a first (trip) for a few of the participants.



All about Bali – a photographer’s perspective

 I have decided to post something on Bali because of my plan to organise a 5D/4N photo-safari there in July 19th-23rd this year.

Bali to me is a photographer's paradise. What else can one ask for when you have generally clear skies (esp June/July season), beautiful sceneries, gorgeous Balinese archictecture and friendly people who usually […]