Motion in red

This shot of Natacha Meunier was taken during my August workshop with Burke Strickland, a very keen photography hobbyist from Texas. When you have a great & gorgeous model, a good background and beautiful side-lighting (and of course, a patient participant), that to me is a formula for a potential good shot. Hope this one […]


Vintage Kharu

I have so many files to process that I almost do not know where to start. And I have files since March that I have not finished processing!

Well, I have to start somewhere as these files begged to be processed. For a start here is one of Kharunisia Jazmin taken during the Manuel […]


Limited slots left at my September 24th-25th Nikon workshop

Nikon Malaysia has informed me that places are being taken up fast and there are only limited slots left for my September 24th – 25th Available Light Portraiture Nikon workshop. That is good. It would be my pleasure to meet all the participants. If you are considering learning my workflow, please contact Nikon Club of […]


What a workshop!

It was an interesting available light portraiture workshop indeed with so many new "experiences". Firstly, Burke Strickland flew all the way from Texas for this one-on-one workshop. Before that, the furthest among my participants were from Singapore.

Secondly, we have been planning this for a few months and on the evening of the workshop, I […]


Banhup Workshop with Nikon (Malaysia)

In collaboration with Nikon Malaysia and their Nikon Club, I will be having a 2-day portrait workshop on September 24th and 25th, 2011 specially for beginner-to-intermediate level photographers, or advanced photographers who would like to learn my style of available light photography and post-processing.

Here then are the details:

Theme : "Shooting with Available […]


Portraits from Inle Lake, Myanmar

Now with most of my 'pressing' work done, I can now go back to what I like to do — share more shots from my collection which includes those from Myanmar & Bali photo-safari, and those from my workshops.

Before that, some interesting news. For those who have registered as Free members and those who […]


The 2 beauties of Malacca

At least Kharunisia Jazmin and Dian Sharlin were during the Manuel Librodo Malacca workshop last weekend 😉 We had a ball of a time shooting from one end to the other along Jonker Street, the main tourist street of historical Malacca. Curious onlookers were aplenty but that did not distract us from our objectives.

The […]


Dian Sharlin by the window

I have been shooting a lot of Dian of late. The first was on July 3rd on a one-on-one workshop. Then came the Malacca workshop that I organised for Manuel Librodo and immediately after that, I had another one-on-one workshop on July 18th.

This series was taken on July 3rd – I finally have some […]


The Malacca workshop

The Manuel Librodo workshop in Malacca came and went last weekend. When Manny and I arrived at Malacca the day prior to the shoot, it was raining cats and dogs. And it rained practically the whole day! That didn't dampen our spirits despite the fact that the weather report for the next day would be […]